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Please see our homemade products only available from Humankind

A qualified aromatherapist for 20 years, Leila hand-makes all our own 100% natural aromatherapy massage oils,  shea butter balms, creams, balms and aloe vera blends made from our own freshly harvested  aloe vera plants.


Massage Oils
Our handmade aromatherapy massage oils
Pain Relief
Products designed to reduce pain and inflammation.
Natural Beauty
Hand made natural beauty and wellness products
Aloe Vera
Our natural handmade fresh aloe vera products
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Massage Oils

Deep Relaxation
​Aromatherapy massage oil - fragrant & relaxing Contains essential oils of ylang ylang, bergamot, geranium. Helps with moods, stress, panic, slows breathin. Handmade 100% natural. 100ml 15€
Magical Oasis
​Aromatherapy massage oil. Contains essential oils of frankincense, neroli & grapefruit Helps with anxiety, stress, trauma Handmade 100% natural. 100ml 15€
Sweet Passion
​Aromatherapy massage oil - sweet & warming Contains essential oils of benzoin, frankincense and orange Helps with colds, muscle aches and stress. Handmade 100% natural. 100ml 15€
Muscle Relief
​Aromatherapy massage oil for easing aching muscles. Contains essential oils of lavender, eucalyptus and ginger. Helps with sports activity, coughs and colds. Handmade 100% natural. 100ml 15€
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Pain Relief Products

Ayurvedic Pain Balm
Kottakkal Ayurveda Pain Balm Indian Ayurvedic Balm. 25g 10€
Big Red Oil
​Deep penetrating oil for joints, muscles, aches and pains Warming, soothing and long lasting Good for joint pain, muscle pain and joint conditions 100% handmade from natural ingredients. 100ml 25€ / 10ml 5€
Personal Wellness System
Portable deep penetrating and lasting pain relief for everyone Revolutionary new wellness system For muscle and joint ailments, sports and wellness. 400€ (pre-order)
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Natural Beauty Products

Coconut Face Cream
Leila's Magic Ayurvedic coconut face cream. 65g 25€
Green Tea Toner
Healing organic green tea skin toner with essentail oils of lavender and geranium Antioxidant, re-news skin cells, refreshing Helps with rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, acne handmade 100% natural. 100ml 15€
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Aloe Vera Products

Healing Aloe Lotion
​Natural fresh aloe vera lotion. With healing essential oils of Roman Chamomile and Lavender. Grown and produced by Humankind. 100ml 15€
Pure Aloe Lotion
Natural fresh aloe vera lotion. Grown and produced by Humankind. 100% Natural.  No additives. 100ml 15€
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