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Recover with our donation only massage or reflexology

Feeling stressed and tense after this long period of lock down? Why not come to Humankind Massage and Healing?

We are offering a limited number of relaxation treatments for the first 10 people by donation only ......... read on for more info.

Leila and San appreciate that this time has been hard for us all, we know that many people have been out of work, small business have suffered, some people have had no income at all, so we would like to make an introductory offer to celebrate our business re opening next week, and to help people with limited funds to de-stress and relax.

Come and have a 40 minute relaxing aromatherapy massage or a 35 minute reflexology treatment which we ask for a donation only, towards re-establishing our business during these times, this is a limited offer and is available to the first 10 people by appointment only.

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