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Would you like any additions to your treatment?  Please take a look here then select your additions when reserving...
Treat your face to feeling soft and looking more youthful with our luxurious Ayuvedic coconut cream neck and face massage.
15mins +10€
Help relieve discomfort and pain using our unique vibration therapy.
15mins +15€
Add a pure aloe vera body finish to your treatment. Helps with sun burn and improves skin hydration.
15mins +20€
Look amazing with our shea-butter, coconut and almond body sheen. Helps improve your tan and keeps the skin looking young and healthy.
15mins +20€
Boost your treatment with an added Reiki Usui healing treatment.
15min +15€
30min +30€
Add an Ayuvedic stomach massage to your treatment. Helps aid digestion and improve maladies of the abdomen.
10mins +15€
Add an Ayuvedic steam inhalation with sinus massage to your treatment. Helps with respiratory and breathing difficulties.
15mins +15€
Ayuvedic nasal drop treatment with sinus massage. Helps with sinus conditions.
10mins + 10€
Add an Ayuvedic chest massage to your treatment.
10mins + 15€
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A qualified aromatherapist for 20 years, Leila blends and produces our own 100% natural aromatherapy massage oils,  shea butter balms and grows and produces our own fresh aloe vera.  All our products are hand-made by Leila.

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